Ausschnitt aus: "Mal de Mer",
4K HD Video, 4:16 min, 2022

Videostill aus "Mal de Mer",
4K HD Video, 4:16 min, 2022

mal de mer

sit down
close your eyes
and allow your body to sink
into the seat below you
feel the weight of your limbs pulling you down,
your head and torso, arms and legs
your whole body sinking deeper

through the seat cushion,
the concrete floors and cellars,
Through a machinery of sewerage,
And through the rocks, and time
into the heavy and dense
mass of the earth

until you hit ground water
feel it
gathering all around you
you're in a huge stream now
that flows in the darkness
wide and silent and massive
but invisible

the air saltens your lips
as the river opens into the sea
and the earth turns from mountains
to rocks to gravel to sand to sediments of dust

look up
the ceiling is moving
but you're too far away to see
the silvery waves
through the gloomy water column above you
where pressure (p) is applied
perpendicular to the surface of an object
which is you
on the bottom of this abyss
and eternities surround you
in gases, minerals and metals
all the guilt and the shame
are in you,
compressed solid
still and dark

Great tectonic forces roaring, thundering
the composition of earth is shifting
continental drift to the rescue!
currents gather and acquire monstrous velocity
everything takes up speed
and you are pushed into it
very violently

you find yourself
in a giant screaming vortex
that takes you like the lightest feather,
round and round in wild gyrations
very rapidly
when you let go
it will spit you out
back to wherever you came from
(open your eyes)
in three,

Videostill aus "Mal de Mer",
4K HD Video, 4:16 min, 2022

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