Ausschnitt aus: "Heavy Lifting",
4K HD Video, 2:20 min, 2022

"Heavy Lifting" ist Teil einer Reihe von Video-Meditationen (siehe auch "and release"), ein cine poem, das die Leichtigkeit des Frühlings der Tiefsee entgegensetzt. Außerdem geht es um gestrandete Wale, die vermeintliche Freiheit auf hoher See und wie man sich an seinem eigenen Gewicht verheben kann.

Videostill aus "Heavy Lifting",
4K HD Video, 2:20 min, 2022

heavy lifting

heavy lifting
pending doom
times are awful and only getting worse.
whales are stranding
washed ashore in Sicily
their lungs collapse on land
and why?
for cetaceans, like myself I find,
our playfulness is our demise.
we are prone to getting sidetracked
like by the song of copper wires
on the seafloor in the sand
capillaries for the current
of buzzing billion bits of electricity.
where all earthly chatter
is blah-blah-blahing through the deep
but I digress.

onsetting soreness
waning moon
people got anxious and things went ugly
relatively quickly.
to be a lonely traveller
in international waters
is what I prefer.
no passport checked
or bank account.
to roam in the blue on the map.
no oversight or governance
inbetween the lands
a happy sans-papiers
and a 30 meter colossus
(that's a hundred feet imperial)
in nebulae of krill
but with lungs
to collapse on land
too heavy for myself alone.

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