and release

  And release (2017)

   Loop/Videoinstallation, 3:39 min 

Wir schauen durch ein Flugzeugfenster. Von einem Kabinenplatz aus blicken wir auf die rotierenden Propeller der Maschine. Bedingt durch diese Rotation und die Bildwiederholrate der Kamera scheint ein Propellorflügel nach dem anderen abzufallen und sich herabstürzend in Nichts aufzulösen. Diese Bilder werden begleitet von Sound, der zwischen weißem Rauschen und Morse- oder Funkgeräuschen schwingt. Eine Stimme spricht ein Gedicht, in dem es um das Empfinden existenzieller Bedrohung geht. Die Arbeit fokussiert fundamentale Ängste, die gesellschaftliche Schichten und politische Spektren durchziehen. Die Angst vor der drohenden Apokalypse, sei sie ökonomisch, ökologisch oder politisch.

We look through an airplane window. From our seat in the cabin place we can see the rotating propellers of the machine. Due to the camera’s refresh rate and the rotation, one propeller blade after another seems to fall off and collapse into nothing. These images are accompanied by sounds that oscillate between white noise and Morse or radio sounds. A voice speaks a poem that deals with the contemporary sense of existential threat. The work focusses on fundamental fears that permeate social layers and political spectra. The fear of the imminent apocalypse, be it economic, ecological or political.

And release (2018)

  Screening Version, 4:10min

  Still of 1:25 min

at a point in time
when you weren’t paying attention
the universe wrinkled up at its sides
and it hadn't done that before you noticed
trumpets in the stratosphere
breathe in, hold it,
and release

and against the crippling loneliness
of apartments, cars and storefronts
prep for armageddon
buy organic food
hoard the goods and
find solace in nature
a calling in the scriptures
conceive their wisdom
breathe in, hold it,
and release

spread awareness
until a movement emerges
to dissolve the contradictions
and overcome suffering,
the righteous will know
and defy reason and logic
rectifying history,
justice after all
breathe in, hold it,
and release

but the harsh conditions
you perceive the weight of brutality
petrified in sediments of layer upon layer of violence
add to that the pressure of a million years
of their mindsets, belief systems,
breathe in, hold it,
and release